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The Standart of Beagle

F.C.I. N ° 161


CLASSIFICATION F.C.I.: Group I SAW: Dogs type bloodhound, similar dogs of sign (excepting lebreles) and races. Section 1.3: Dogs type bloodhound of small stature. With test of Work.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: It is a dog of compact and robust corporal structure, that gives the impression of quality without being coarse.

CHARACTERISTICS: It is a glad dog, whose essential function is the one to mainly hunt to the hare following its sign. He is audacious and it develops to a great activity with determination and tenacity. He is alert, intelligent and it has a balanced temperament.

TEMPERAMENT: He is amiable and watchman, does not show to aggressiveness nor timidity.

HEAD: Of suitable length. He is powerful, without being coarse, finer in the female, free of wrinkles and without fruncir the frown.

SKULL: Convex, slightly moderately ample with a slight occipital crest.

STOP: Well it is defined and it divides to the distance between occipucio and the end of the nose in the two most equal parts possible.

NOSE: Wide, black of preference, although a pigmentación attenuated in unit of clear colors is allowed. Ample windows.

SNOUT: He is not pointed; reasonably developed lips.

EYES: Color dark coffee or countersinks, quite great, neither sunk, nor prominent, or separated one of another one, with a sweet and likeable expression.

EARS: Long, with the cleared end which reaches near the end of the nose when the ears are directed forwards. Of low insertion, fine texture, hangs gracefully beaten to the cheeks.

BITTEN/SET OF TEETH: The jaws must be strong, with a bite of perfect scissors, regular and completes, that is to say, that the superior incisors are superposed the inferior ones closely and they are implanted vertically in maxilares.

NECK: Sufficiently long to allow the bloodhound to incline during the tracking; slightly been nauseated and papada shows a small one.

BODY: Superior line: Made level straight line and.

BACK: Short, but balanced well, powerful and flexible, without being excessively getting up.

THORAX: It descends until underneath the elbows.

RIBS: Been nauseated well that extends perfectly backwards.

EXTREMITIES: PREVIOUS MEMBERS: Straight, vertical front members and placed well under the body; with good substance and round bones without diminishing until the feet.

SHOULDERS: Placed backwards, nonheavy.

ELBOWS: Firm without deviations outwards or inwards. The height until the elbow is almost half of the height to the cross.


LATER MEMBERS: Muscular thighs. Anguladas knees. Firm joints lukewarm-tarsianas, of low positioning parallel to each other.

FEET: Compact and firm. Articulated well, with strong pads. It does not present/display hare feet.Short nails.

TAIL: Hard and moderately it releases. Of high insertion, it is taken gladly, but not enroscada on the back or inclined forwards from its root. Well hair cover, mainly in its inferior part.

MOVEMENT: Made level back and signs; the dog does not balance itself in its movement. Free stride, with a long and straight reach in the front without high action; the later members show good impulse. It does not have to present/display a close movement, nor a circular movement outwards or crossover in the front.

COAT: HAIR: Short, dense, resistant outdoors.

COLOR: Any color recognized for the Hound, excepting the color liver. The end of the tail is white.

SIZE: Desirable minimum altitude until the cross of 33 cm (13 inches). Desirable peak altitude until the cross of 40 cm (16 inches).

LACK: Any deviation of the criteria before mentioned is considered as it lacks and the gravity of this is considered to the degree of the deviation to the standard.


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